Our cider range is the perfect ‘one stop’ solution for every pub, bar or club. Both Black Rat and West Country Gold ciders are premium products that sit perfectly on every bar top.

The full flavour of Black Rat cider is aimed at a younger demographic of customer who are seeking the full strength and iconic branding of the Black Rat. To find out more Black Rat cider click on it’s website –

It’s sibling West Country Gold is no shrinking violet! This 4.8% ABV cider is clean, refreshing and produced with 100% English apples. The new branding highlights exactly what your customers want from a premium cider – summer imagery, relaxed afternoons and chilled cider being enjoyed!

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A cider that has already made a name for itself in a very competitive sector. This tasty, refreshing and crisp cider is a rather more mellow 4.8%. Customers enjoy the taste of this premium cider and, combined with the packaging, the iconic name means Black Rat has no competition in the cider market for those looking to attract and retain a younger age demographic.

During 2016 we have introduced Crafty Rat Cider – the perfect 330ml can cider. This ideal fridge filler for both the on and off-trade and at 5.5% ABV it is quickly becoming a firm favourite with customers everywhere.

Black Rat is available in the following: –
50Ltr Keg – 4.8%
500ml NRB – 5.5%
500ml Can – 4.7%
3L Pouch – 6.0%
20Ltr BIB – 6.0%

Black Rat Perry
30Ltr Keg – 5.2%
3L Pouch – 7.5%
20Ltr BIB – 7.5%


The cider market is a mature sector of the drinks category for both the on and off-trade. This means that any cider has to stand up to the scrutiny of the ever more discerning customer.

West Country Gold is one of the few ciders which can proudly state that it comes from 100% English apples. Using great ingredients and our unique recipe means that this is a superb cider which gives consumers a taste, which is clean and dry with a refreshing crispness.

The new branding gives West Country Gold a premium feel to bring it right up to date and to ensure it stands out from the rest of the draft and packaged cider in the sector.

West Country Gold cider is available in the following: –
50Ltr Keg – 4.8%


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