We love what we do

When we started brewing in 1982, the words Craft Beer had not been uttered! What we did know was that the pubs we drank in were ruled by national brewers and their ales. We knew we could do better!

And so that is how we started; and our passion for creating beers with flavour, beers which use the finest English ingredients and beers which we wanted to drink! Now if you start with the best barley and hops, then add care – the result is likely to be damn fine beer – and that is exactly what you will get from Moles Brewing Co.

A selection of beers that are anchored by our best selling core ale range. A range which has a beer to suit all taste buds plus a rotating set of craft ales that are loosely based on the weather – warming ales in the winter and light, refreshing beers for the summer – although with our weather who knows!

In addition to our beers we also have West Country Gold and Black Rat ciders that satisfy the consumer demand for premium ciders that are full of flavour from English apples and with a clean taste.

We do know your customers will enjoy our beers and we know that we will have a range to suit them – let’s chat over one or two of them to see how we can make things happen!



Beer is brewed from malted barley which is made form specific varieties of barley. The better the quality of barley we choose ensures the wonderful taste of our beers.



We care about the hops we use. We seek only the best from a select range of approved farmers making certain that only the finest hops are used in our beers.



As a small brewer we can seek varieties of malt and hops which will give our beers their unique flavours and tastes ensuring our beers stand out on the bars of today.

“All of our beers are brewed using the traditional method, using the finest ingredients and a slow fermentation process ensures the amazing beer flavours are locked in before a gentle conditioning in each cask enhances the subtle tastes and rich hop aromas.”

Head Brewer

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