Selling gold jewellery from home might sound a little too convenient, like one of those too good to be true marketing gimmicks. However, it is true. You can sell and send your gold by mail. However, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of including the value of your items and finding the best buyer for your gold. Before you do that, acquaint or re-acquaint yourself with what you have to sell. For example, if it is gold jewellery you are selling, what are the karats of what you have? What does it weigh? What conditions is your gold in? Take pictures, note special characteristics down. Once you have all this information, you can begin with the search.

What are you selling?

Whilst there is more noise on the internet about selling gold jewellery, some people will have investment-grade gold bullion coins and bars. These are usually made of the purest gold. Gold bullion bars will have a stamp that shows their weight, purity, origion, and serial number. Having this information in plain sight makes gold bars easier to value. Gold coins on the other hand are different. Gold bullion coins minted from government mints. These are worth the market value of gold at a particular point in time. Other gold coins might have a higher value if they are popular with coin collectors. These numismatic coins aren’t priced the same way as bullion coins.  

Gold Jewelry

Selling your old or unused gold jewellery is a good way to make extra money and make space for new jewellery and new memories. Have realistic expectations. Keep in mind that gold jewellery is usually made from a mixture of pure gold and other metal alloys. Expect to get less for jewellery than you would get for the same amount of gold in the form of bullion bars and bullion coins. 

Gold Scrap

A lot of gold buyers mail will buy broken or damaged gold. This is often referred as scrap gold. This is less than the price you will get for any other gold product. 

Selling gold from the comfort of your home…

When it comes to who you can sell your gold to, you will find that you are spoilt for choice. There are different methods that will all offer different prices. One of the most convenient ways of selling your gold is to sell it online and send it to reputable buyers via mail. Contrary to popular belief selling your gold this way is safe. Once you find a dealer that will give you a good price for your gold, the buyer may send you an envelope to mail your gold securely. You will have to ensure that you provide the correct contact address and indicate how you would like to be paid. Note that most companies that pre-pay for shipping will also make sure that your gold is insured. However, do not assume that this will always be the case.

Once the gold buyers mail receives your gold, they will make an offer which you can accept or decline. When you do accept, the money will be sent to you via your preferred method of payment. If you do not like the offer, the company should return your gold for free in the same condition that you initially sent it in.