We are all on a lookout for simple, easy, and cheap means to boost the signal strength of our cell phones so that we never have to face problems with calls getting disconnected or interference in our meetings that happen very frequently due to irregular connectivity and low network strength.

Mobile LTE Signal Booster is one way to overcome the problems that we face due to network issues. You can buy these boosters from good brands such as My Amplifiers that develop boosters depending upon your specific needs and deliver them worldwide. You can also choose to get technical assistance and professional help with the installation of their signal booster devices.

Ways to boost mobile signals apart from installing boosters

Not each one of us is left with ample budget after paying internet charges and mobile bills. Thus, buying and installing a booster can be heavy on our already restricted budget. There is no need to get disappointed though. We can still improve the signal strength of our cell phones by other cheaper means such as:

  • De-clutter your home space. Keep minimal obstructive objects that come in line of the signal coming from the cell tower.
  • If there are tall trees, large buildings, or mountains that are obstructing your signal, it is advisable that while making an important, move outside or go to your terrace so that you can have an uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Get rid of magnetic devices that can interfere with the radio waves that constitute our cellular signals.
  • Keeping your battery levels optimal will greatly enhance your signal receptivity as low battery levels signals power saving mode that blocks cellular network to conserve battery.
  • If you have low battery levels and you need to make an urgent call, exit the power saving mode and turn off Bluetooth and other background apps to enhance cellular network.
  • Try to stand near a window that is close to the cell tower and that is receiving an open line of signal.
  • In commercial spaces such as your office building, use Wi-Fi calling feature to surf faster and make calls without any disturbances.
  • You can subscribe to Femtocells that can concert your broadband connection into phone signals, but this does not come for free and you need to pay for initial installation followed by monthly bills.
  • There are external antennas on our cell phones. Make sure that you are holding the phone appropriately and not blocking the signals with your hands.
  • Signals tend to be weak where there is a large crowd due to data traffic. So, move away from the crowd to a quieter area to make an important call.
  • Sometimes restarting our mobile phones is all that we need for better connectivity.
  • You should also ensure that there are no pending software or app updates in your phone and that your phone is clear of all types of software bugs to enjoy uninterrupted phone calls.

It is not always required to spend a huge amount to ensure good connectivity at all times. Sometimes, minor fixes and adjustments is all that you need.