St Lucia passport ranked 33rd most powerful in the world for 2020 | Loop  News

Sitting like an emerald cog in the Caribbean Sea, the island of St Lucia may not be popular (as of yet), but it definitely grabs the attention of anyone who wants to explore the Caribbean region. This solitary Caribbean island has served as a honeymoon spot for many decades. But, this mountainous island is grabbing the news for other reasons than its attractive beaches. More people aiming to increase their global mobilities are applying for citizenship in St Lucia. Getting citizenship in this country is super-cheap and convenient. More importantly, a passport of this island can prove to be an amazing asset in the long run.

Why Get St Lucia Citizenship?

Getting a St Lucia passport comes with countless benefits. Firstly, the process of getting this passport is super-cheap, and the application process is super-fast. Since entire families are eligible to apply for passports of this country, the island is attracting numerous families who seek financial and personal freedom. Becoming a St Lucia citizen immediately makes people eligible to travel to more than 140 countries without any visas. Plus. the tax exemptions and the lack of compulsory stay requirements make this country the ideal “second home.” St Lucia’s passport ranks 32 in the world. People who wish to gain visa-free access to countries in the European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and other business hubs will love becoming new citizens of this relatively unexplored island.

The New Passport Application Processes

Since 2015, the St Lucia government has raked up its efforts to attract new citizens. The Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) is one of the local governments’ many efforts to drive citizenship numbers on this island. People who are over 18 years old, pass thorough background checks, have good character (no criminal record), and have good health can make an investment of $100,000 (the minimum) and become citizens of this island. The investment routes are super-simple. Applicants can invest in pre-approved real estate, government bonds, or even in the National Economic Fund to become eligible to apply for citizenship.

Getting Started

It’s not necessary to first travel to St Lucia to complete the application process. Even better St Lucia citizens don’t have to stay on the island to retain their citizenships! The investment application process is completely online-based. Thinking of owning a spot on this wonderous solitary island? Getting St Lucia citizenship is super-easy. Taking a peek at this website is a good place to get started.