This information is the very first inside a trilogy of articles regarding site control.

An awareness of site control sometimes known as “point protection,” is essential with regards to the dealer’s intended use for that property and becomes very important if your dealership proves to not be effective. [A “point” is really a location in which a manufacturer or distributor (hereinafter known jointly as “manufacturer” or “factory”) either has or uses a dealership.]

As described below, there are lots of types of site control. There’s a distinction, however, between site control because it pertains to non-dealership real estate and control regarding new vehicle dealerships. Due to the great shape and due to the excellence regarding vehicle dealerships, it might be wrong to generalize that website control by itself is either bad or good. Each situation should be assessed individually.

The right of first refusal more often than not chills a land owner’s capability to sell real estate. The idea because a potential 3rd party purchaser wouldn’t be as quickly inclined to take the time, money and needed to write a deal legitimate estate, understanding the tenant has the authority to accept the sale and acquire the advantage of the 3rd party’s research and bargaining once the optionee exercises his option.

Within the situation of the purchase of the automobile dealership, that statement isn’t true.


While site control have been around for many years, the boost in property prices, within the 1970s and 1980s saw many metropolitan dealers selling their facilities for which appeared then to become astronomical sums. Qualities that dealers purchased, or built for any couple of hundred 1000 dollars within the 1940s, 50s and 60s were, by 4 decades ago, selling for millions.

Just as real estate prices escalated, so did the price of replacing the facilities and manufacturers were discovering it hard to obtain dealers to purchase a lot of individuals areas.

Consequently, through the mid 1980s site control started to look the very first time in Sales and repair Contracts from the factories.