There are some very good arbitration lawyers who are not good public speakers. So, no matter how good they are, it doesn’t help them to move fully or express who they really are as lawyers. This is why Jeremy Schulman chose to master this art. Yes. Mr. Schulman is an impeccable public speaker who is always eager to discuss his cases with clients. He doesn’t think he knows everything. Also, he makes every effort to learn from other examples from around the world. Speaking well is what litigation and arbitration cases entail. That is why not being able to master this art might hit you hard in some ways. This is why Mr. Schulman is always looking forward to new experiences, and that is where you stand to gain as a client. 

What is arbitration all about? 

Arbitration is a well-known technique of conflict settlement that allows corporations or businesses to litigate. As a result, Mr. Schulman is both a litigator and an arbitrator. Arbitration is agreed upon when you sign a contract that includes an arbitration provision. To guarantee that disagreements are addressed, parties should ideally choose a voluntary arbitration hearing. While many arbitration cases do not involve attorneys, it is vital to have one. When you have an attorney like Jeremy Schulman around, it is to your benefit. 

Some services Mr. Schulman provides for you in arbitration

As your arbitration attorney, he helps you, as a client, resolve disputes without going to court. Jeremy Schulman can help you decide if arbitration is the best way to resolve your issues and can also assist you in preparing your dispute cases. In addition, they walk you through the arbitration procedure. Arbitration attorneys will provide several advantages. So, be aware of this before hiring them, and be optimistic.

1. Get financial services that are the best. In addition to case analyses, which are very important and determine where you stand with the cases you bring to him, he does more. He can evaluate the costs of the whole procedure and establish whether arbitration is the most cost-effective alternative. Although the arbitration procedure is less expensive or a little cheaper than trials, the expenses must still be considered, and your rights to appeal should be limited.

2. Assist you in obtaining funding.In general, the costs of this process will include filing fees, arbitration fees, and administrative fees. These costs can be calculated based on the amount under consideration.As a result, arbitration can be quite expensive in some instances. There are situations when the case is strong, but you, the client, are unable to fund it. If Jeremy Schulman strongly believes you have a solid case, he can assist you in obtaining funds for it. When you win the lawsuits, they can guarantee reimbursement.


Jeremy Schulman brings you some peace in all the mess going on with your legal cases where arbitration is concerned, and there is nothing wrong with that. Actually, you need that completely, and it counts at a very high level.