The 6 Best Free PC Cleaners for Your Computer in 2022 | AVG
registry cleaner is very important to install in your computer system once in a while. Due to the excessive use of the internet on the computer many unknown and harmful files get downloaded into the computer system. This virus can enter any useful and existing files on your computer and corrupt them. By corrupting, it means, they can replace the original data with the duplicate data provided by the virus. This can be harmful to your computer system and all your important files might get damaged due to it. Hence one must be very careful while using the internet. 


A registry cleaner is responsible for optimizing the registry of your computer system. The registry is a very important program in the computer as it saves all the information about every file and application downloaded on the computer. So if you want to save the registry from all the viruses that might delete all this information then you must install the registry cleaner. Having a registry cleaner will remove all the harmful files from your computer that might corrupt the registry which is a record of all the important files in your computer. 


Is The Registry Cleaner Effective At All? 


Though many people don’t believe that a registry cleaner is effective. The complexity of the registry will make it difficult for the registry cleaner to differentiate between the corrupted files and the genuine files in some cases. Though registry cleaners can look for invalid entries and broken links and consider them useless files. Hence many professionals recommend cleaning the registry manually even though it might consume a lot of time. 


A registry cleaner can be downloaded and installed via the internet. Though one has to be careful while downloading the right file. As there might be fake registry cleaners available containing viruses in them. Manually cleaning the registry is a great option if you have a lot of time to spare. You can individually check all the files and decide whether to remove them or not. You can try it for yourself and see which one suits the computer better. Even if manually cleaning the registry is time-consuming, it is not difficult at all. One can easily clean the registry by following the instructions. 


To clean the registry, you must edit the registry key. 


  1. Select the particular key you want to edit, and press the ctrl+F keys to open the find dialog. 


  1. Enter the name of the key and click on find next. 


  1. Select the key you require and edit the value of that key. 


  1. Then click on OK to save the changes you just made. 


Now you can clean the registry with the help of the registry editor. 


  1. Click on the start button to run the program. 


  1. Enter regedit in the text box and click on enter. 


  1. Locate the uninstalled files and delete them. 


  1. Locate all the duplicate keys and delete them too. 


  1. Eliminate all the unnecessary start-up files from the registry.