Having a garden is a pleasure. It is your personal space to be one with nature. This slice of heaven is even better if you can spend some time sitting and relaxing. So you must have garden furniture that looks good and servers your purpose as well. The furniture in the garden will need a few special qualities that make it rough and tough and elegant at the same time. Consider a typical teak garden table and chairs that provides the cover you need in every whether condition.

A few of the properties have been discussed here:

  • Strength: the material and design should be such that the furniture can last for a long time. As the furniture in the garden will have to bear with heat and rain both, so the material should be such that it can handle all the weathers. The most favored material for this is the rattan. It looks stylish and sturdy at the same time. It is a natural material that is used in such a way that the furniture is lightweight and durable.
  • Lightweight: the furniture in the garden must be lightweight so that it can be moved around. When there is sun, you may like to sit in a shady part and in the evening sit in the open space. So if the furniture is easily movable then it is good. But this does not mean there has to be a compromise with the strength. To match these specifications the wicker technique of weaving is used to make the chairs and tables. There is capturing of air in the design. So, more area is covered and the furniture is lightweight but strong.
  • Stylish: the best garden furniture must be stylish as well. You do not need to have boring furniture in the garden. There are many unique styles available for the garden where you can have fun and relax. There can be multiple chairs and a big table, or a small table and chair for a single person. It all depends on your needs.
  • Waterproof: as the garden is an open space there will be heat from the sun as well as rain. So, the best garden furniture will be able to bear it all. You must not have to pick it up every now and then for shelter. Rattan is one such material that is preferred by garden owners.
  • Longevity: when you buy the garden furniture then you wish it should be there for at least 10 years for use. So, the best material these days is Rattan. It is preferred by the users, as with lesser maintenance it stays put for a long time.
  • Eco-friendly: the furniture used in the garden must be eco-friendly like wood or natural materials.
  • Comfortable: the furniture in the garden must not be just makeshift. It should be such that you can sit there and enjoy for a long day as well. If you like you can add a few cushions in designs. So, when you go in at night or when it rains, just take the cushions in and you are done. The rest will not have to be removed from its place.