When working with images on computers, it is essential to pay attention to the monitor, mouse, and software you use for editing, processing images and also beginners photo software.


A monitor that needs to be calibrated can directly affect the way you view images, resulting in poor quality final work. If your monitor needs calibration, you may be seeing healthy colored skin on the model after editing it; however, when sending it to the customer who has the monitor calibrated, he will see a greenish skin.

This can compromise his confidence in his work, as adjustments will need to be made, delaying the final delivery.


The graphic designer spends a lot of time in front of the computer and uses mouse movement. It’s worth analyzing which type of device is best for you, as there is a huge variety of mice on the market. Remember that improper use of this peripheral can cause tendonitis or other problems affecting your work rate.


There is no right software for editing and image processing, as the best is the one you are most used to and which performs the functions you need which can be seen in https://photolemur.com for example. Therefore, regardless of which one you use, you must study it further, understanding how it works to have a productive home office and agility at work. Even video editing for beginners becomes easy when the tool is studied.

Use The Tools To Your Advantage

Some tools can help you in your day-to-day work as a freelance designer, such as a free image bank, documentaries for designers, and movies to get inspired.

Documentaries For Designers

The life of a freelancer has many benefits, but despite this, a good designer needs to be constantly studying and updating with the news in the area. A great way to study and still be entertained is through documentaries

Inspiration Movies

You’ve probably gone through times of writer’s block to the point where you can’t come up with any ideas to do that urgent job. One of the ways to break this barrier is through films that inspire.

Now, if you need a good idea of ​​photography for your video, the movie “Her” can be a great inspiration because, in addition to having an engaging plot about a man who develops an affectionate relationship with a computer program, the movie also has innovative photography.