If your problem is not resolved with a restart, the next step is actually: Reset your Android. With this procedure, all apps, notes, and passwords are removed from your smartphone, and the mobile phone is reset to its factory settings.

But don’t worry; a reset won’t automatically lose your data. With every reset, Android offers the option of creating a complete backup that you can access after the reset. All you need for a backup is a Google account. To perform a reset, including a backup, go to Settings> Backup & reset and follow the instructions in the menu.

After the Android reset, your phone will restart as usual. The previously created backup can be restored through your Google account, which is connected to your device.

Hard Reset In Recovery Mode

In the unlikely event that your phone still isn’t working correctly, there is one last resort. This so-called hard reset in recovery mode is also a reset, but it is more profound in contrast to the hard reset. For this reason, it should only be used in two cases: Either if your smartphone could not be made to work with either the soft or hard reset.

Or if you plan to sell your device and want to free it from your data. It is relatively easy for tech-savvy people to restore your previously deleted data even after a normal hard reset. To avoid this, you should reset Android in this case – through a hard reset in recovery mode.

As the name suggests, this hard reset takes place in recovery mode. Recovery mode is preinstalled on some devices, but it must first be installed on others. Since this is the recovery mode, it is vital here to make settings created by movical.net with great care.

When performing a hard reset in recovery mode, ideally follow the following steps: First, switch off your device and then press the power and volume up buttons as well as the home button at the same time until your mobile phone reboots in recovery mode. In the menu that now appears, you have the option of selecting “wipe data/factory reset” from various options using the volume up and volume down buttons and confirming these with the power button. All data on your mobile phone will then be irrevocably deleted.