Is it true that harnesses going across the dog's shoulders restricting the  movement? | Dog Gear
A dog harness is an essential piece of equipment for any pet parent. It gives you better control over your dog while walking or running and can also be a lifesaver if it ever gets loose. But with so many different types of harnesses on the market, how do you know which one is right for your dog? 


If you’re looking for a harness to give you more control and prevent your dog from pulling, then a no pull dog harness is the way to go. Here are the reasons why you need a no-pull harness for your dog.


Prevents Pulling 


Dogs have an instinct to pull when they’re on a leash, but this behavior can be dangerous for both you and your dog. With a no-pull harness, you’ll be able to keep your dog under control and safe while walking or running.


Gives You Better Control 


Another reason to get a no-pull harness is that it gives you better control over your dog. This type of harness attaches to your dog’s chest instead of its neck, which gives you more leverage and prevents them from wiggling out of the harness. This is especially helpful if you have a solid or energetic dog who likes to pull on the leash.


Reduces Neck Strain 


Putting strain on your dog’s neck is never a good idea, which is why using a no-pull harness is essential. By attaching the leash to your dog’s chest instead of their neck, you’ll be taking pressure off of their throat and trachea, which can help reduce the risk of injuries like tracheal collapse. In addition, this type of harness can also help reduce strain on your own back and shoulders by distributing the weight evenly.


Helps with Training 


If you’re having trouble training your dog not to pull on the leash, then a no-pull harness can be helpful. By attaching the leash to their chest, you’ll be able to correct their behavior more effectively and teach them not to pull as quickly. This harness can also help teach dogs not to lunge or jump when they see another animal by keeping them closer to your side.


Alleviates Pressure on Paws 


Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell, which means they constantly sniff around on walks. This can put a lot of pressure on their paws, which can lead to soreness or even injuries over time. 


A no-pull harness helps alleviate this pressure by distributing the weight evenly across their bodies and taking pressure off their paws. In addition, this type of harness also prevents your dog from being able to use its front legs to lunge or jump, which takes even more pressure off of its paws.


Protects Against Amputation  


Amputation is always a significant concern regarding dogs getting loose and tangled in their leashes. If your dog’s leash gets caught on something while running or lunging forward, it could cause serious injuries or even death if they’re not wearing a properly fitting harness.


A no-pull harness attaches securely around their chest and body, which helps prevent amputation by keeping their limbs close to their body where they’re less likely to get tangled up in the leash.