There are multiple things a beginner must know before starting DayZ. Here, we will let you know some very basic things which you might skip in hurry.


A newcomer who stumbles across a morphine injection in a hospital or clinic may easily overlook it. If they scavenge for long enough in ‘Chernarus’, they will ultimately sprain an ankle. This game has characters with damaged legs who can no longer walk, run, or even crawl, since they are locked into the prone position. That’s why morphine will be helpful.

Those who have suffered fractures may choose for a wooden splint or a morphine injection, although the latter is a more convenient option. However, to have more insights, contact us and we will let you know some dayz hacks.

Know that everyone reserves the morphine shot for their legs. Individuals who are injured and can still escape from a conflict with a broken arm couldn’t get away from a battle with a broken leg.

It is important to have a headset

Deciding to get a decent headset will make a big difference to your gaming experience. It is true that customers could buy anything at Walmart, but they wouldn’t get anywhere like the same service and value from their purchase.

When you will possess a decent headset, you can feel the world of DayZ come alive while playing. We have talked to many gamers and found out that people who survive an attack hear footsteps, gunfire, and zombie moans in the distance.

Furthermore, users may hear two players talking via in-game microphones if they are near enough. As it is a game of survival after all, so, you can’t avoid any insights and help.If you can hear your enemy before you see them, you are probably going to be ready.

Avoid roads

For players, the option of roads only leads to either a town or a city with plenty of goods, but they should avoid utilizing them. The stealthy killing of unsuspecting players who mind their own business is easy for a bandit to do by hiding in the forest line according to experts.

But a player could also end up in a ditch on the side of the road, their hands in their hair as they struggle to keep their treasure from being rifled through by robbers. Also, know that highway robbery may occur in DayZ. But if you are smart, clever, andstay silent, you can steer clear of it.

Furthermore, there are roads in Chernarus that were designed for cars, which have just lately been reintroduced to the game. Players that have a long history in this game world, or who are well-armed, are likely to be indicated by their cars.

Locating a Weapon

Fighting zombies may be much easier if one has a melee weapon, thus there’s no doubt about its use. Survivors will want a functioning weapon with ammo against other players.

A couple places that are very common in the game frequently provide weapons. A few different types of weapons are often found in tiny wooden buildings called gun houses, which are typically located at the back of wherever they are situated.