One of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen, egg can be prepared in different ways – fried, scrambled, baked or simply boiled. The latter is the simplest. It is the one that requires the greatest precision in time, if you want to obtain a specific cooking point, ranging from the softest yolk to the firmer one. In other words, the main secret is to respect the cooking time: each extra minute in the boiling water will change the egg’s texture.

The size and initial temperature of the egg can also influence the cooking time. It is hard for many to keep standing in front of the oven and wait until the egg is cooked perfectly. The secret is to use Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker. With it you can cook perfect egg: poached, hard and soft boiled. You can cook 18 eggs at a time. Portable, easy to clean, copper chef perfect egg maker is the right choice.

Perfect tips

Everyone thinks they know how to make a boiled egg. After all, the logic is simple – just put it in the pot with water and turn on the fire. But a good boiled egg is not as simple a task as it sounds. Before putting it to cook, leave it outside the refrigerator for a few minutes to avoid thermal shock. Use a pan large enough so that all the eggs are placed at the same height, at the bottom of the utensil. Eggs must be placed in the pan and then covered with water.

To stop cooking at the desired time, take the egg out of the pan and leave it for a while under cold water. To peel it more easily, add salt to cooking. As the skin is porous, the ingredient will help the egg whites to coagulate faster, making the process easier. The cooking time will depend on how you like the texture of the yolk. The above time must be counted from the moment the water starts to boil.

Perfect boiled egg

First, you need to know what your favorite egg spot is: Soft, creamy, medium or hard yolk.

  • 3 minutes: the egg is still practically liquid, with the whites starting to cook,
  • 4 minutes: with only 1 minute of difference, the egg white is already much more consistent: soft cooked egg white and very soft yolk,
  • 6 minutes: the famous soft yolk – firmer cooked egg white and more liquid yolk,
  • 9 minutes: medium term – yolk not too soft, not too hard,
  • 12 minutes: for those who enjoy a well-cooked egg: hard yolk,
  • 15 minutes: whole egg very hard and firm.

Do you like creamy boiled egg?

After six minutes, the egg whites will be well cooked, but the inner part will still be slightly raw. It will be possible to see a baked halo on the outside of the yolk while the center remains raw.

Egg mallet

After five and a half minutes of cooking you will have the famous mallet egg, also called the perfect egg since at this point the white will be completely cooked, but the yolk will be raw. Leave it to rest in cold water to stop cooking and peel very carefully.

Hot egg

In four minutes of cooking you will have a boiled egg, with a lightly cooked white and a very soft yolk: ideal for breaking the lid with the back of the spoon and eating directly from the skin.

Hard egg

From 12 minutes onwards the egg will be completely cooked. The yolk will have a floury texture and the rind will risk cracking. For those who want to make pastries from boiled yolk or stuffed eggs, it is the best point.