Photoshop: How to transform photograph into digital painting. - YouTubePhotoshop: How to transform photograph into digital painting. - YouTubeThe art of painting is often seen as a skill only a few people possess. However, technology has made it possible for everyone to create their own masterpieces. One of the common techniques that people use to create art is converting their photos into paintings. You may have seen these paintings in art museums, galleries, or even in your friends’ homes. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the art of converting photos into paintings and how you can do it too


Understanding the process


Before we delve into the techniques used to convert photos into paintings, it’s important to understand the process. Converting a photo into a painting involves transforming a digital image into a hand-painted canvas using software. The software will add brush strokes to the image, making it look like a painting. The final result is a canvas with the texture and colors of traditional paintings.


Choosing the right software


The first step towards converting your photo into a painting is selecting the right software. There are numerous options available, including Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Dynamic Auto-Painter. Each of these software options has unique features and varying levels of complexity. When choosing software, consider your skill level and the type of painting you want to create.


Adjusting the settings


Once you have selected the software, you will need to adjust the settings to create your painting. This process involves modifying the brush strokes, color palette, and other features to achieve the desired look. The software you choose may have presets that you can use, or you can personalize the settings to create a unique painting.


Editing the painting


After you have converted your photo into a painting, it’s important to edit the painting to achieve a d surreal effect. This can include adding texture or modifying the colors of the painting. You can use the same software you used initially to edit the painting for a more customized look.


Choosing the right canvas


Finally, when choosing a canvas for your painting, consider the size and type of canvas you want to use. You can choose a canvas that is the same size as your original photo or create a larger painting for a more dramatic effect. Additionally, you can select the type of canvas such as stretched canvas or framed canvas.



Converting a photo into a painting is an exciting way to create art that is uniquely your own. With the right software and techniques, you can create a beautiful painting that is unlike any other. Remember to consider the process, choose the right software, adjust the settings, edit the painting and choose the perfect canvas. So, let’s bring your photos to life with an artistic twist and start creating stunning hand-painted canvases.