Many people long to live in spacious homes that aren’t crowded with their belongings and furniture. But more space doesn’t always mean more comfort.


You can have too many rooms, whether you have a spacious floor plan or a large open space like a loft. This can lead to a feeling of being uncomfortable and unwelcoming. You can make your cramped space a comfortable haven by following the guidelines of interior design.

These are our top tips for making large spaces feel cozy.


People often turn to bright, light colours to make a small space seem larger. You can use colour to create the atmosphere you want in a large space.

To make your space feel more enclosed, paint your wainscoting a complementary colour to your walls. If your ceiling is particularly high, you can make the space feel more cozy by choosing a darker colour.

Too many colors in a large space can make it overwhelming, just as with small spaces. Stick to a few key colours for your walls and carpet, with a couple of accent colours.


To divide a large area, you don’t necessarily need walls! Strategic placement of furniture and other decor is key. A daybed or L-shaped lounge suite can be used to create a relaxing space.

The quality rug placed on top of the carpet or another flooring can be used to create a new zone in a large living area. It acts as an anchor and visual focal point that separates it from the rest. You can inquire about our custom rug service if you have a particular design or pattern in mind and would like to replicate it on a ground-level level.

Freestanding bookshelves and decorative screens are a great way to create a strong separator in a room.

Turn Your Bare Walls into a Gallery

It’s hard to imagine a space that is cosy and cozy with large, stark walls. These walls are a great opportunity to create your own mini gallery at home. A great way to bring more personality to large spaces is to display your favorite art or to arrange large photographic prints.

For maximum visual impact, ensure that everything you display has a consistent thread, whether it is the subject matter, color, or choice in framing.


Window furnishings are a great way to add style to your space. Roman blinds can add texture and interest to walls. They don’t require large amounts of fabric, unlike curtains.

For inspiration, TURN TO NATURE

Nature can help you fill in some space while not blocking the light. Potted plants with tall, leafy fronds make a great addition to large spaces. They add visual interest and texture without looking too imposing.

Indoor greenery options include Kentia palm and ficus as well as dracaena, and other members of the palm tree group. To find the best plant for your home, visit your local garden center.


A larger floor plan means more space that must be lit. Lighting is not a problem in the daytime because of the larger rooms and windows. You will need to think about how to light the area at night. No one likes to sit in the dark corners of their rooms.

For a brighter space, add a ceiling light with freestanding lamps at different heights or use wall sconces to create a bit of light.