If you are wondering about keeping your phone safe and want to know how to track a lost phone, then here are some tips.

  • Keep A Strong Password

Try to use long and sophisticated passwords that aren’t in successive order on the keyboard. Don’t use constant passwords everyplace. This makes your information extremely prone to hackers who will quickly decrypt the password using brute force technology. Screen locks are a key to strong phone security. Avoid using birth dates and names in passwords. 

  • Enable The “Find My Device Feature” On Your Phone

Wondering how to track a lost phone? Google allows Android users to track their devices by enabling this feature in settings. This feature works only when the mobile data of your lost phone is on. 

  • Use Safe And Secure Messaging Apps

Only use the apps that offer end-to-end encryption. The media, files, documents, etc., that you share are vulnerable to be hacked if there’s no encryption. Encryption policy ensures that only you and the person concerned can read those messages. 

  • Don’t Click On Unknown Links

Many a time, you’re duped into clicking alluring links that claim to offer gifts and bumper prizes. Such links, when clicked, can duplicate your phone’s data automatically. Thus, just block such unknown numbers. 

  • Never Connect To Unknown Wifi

Many public places’ Wifi tempts you to connect your phone, but many hackers in the network can hack your information when you connect to such WiFis. Ensure to have a VPN installed on your phones which will mask your IP address while establishing a connection on the phone. 

  • Read The App Permissions

Apps ask for permissions for operating. Don’t just skim through these permissions and tick every box. Go through each permission asked for and didn’t install doubtful apps. 

  • Install Antivirus Programs For Phone

Not just viruses but many keyloggers can invade your privacy in just a few seconds. Install verified antivirus in your phone to avoid such stumbles. The data breach is inevitable if you are heedless.

  • Always Take A Backup

Keep backing up your data from time to time. Many website services offer cloud services for backing up the data. Even if your phone gets lost, you can restore your data.  

  • Your Operating System Must Be Up To Date

Updating in OP removes the glitches in the previous operating system, thus making it safer. 

  • Keep Track Of Your Logging Info

Don’t forget to log out from emails and other websites. Beware of any suspicious login in your account.