You’ve heard of the ‘420s’, the slang for weed. Well, in case you hadn’t realized it yet, The 420’s date back to when Weed became legal in Canada back in October 2018. You see, in early 2018, we were all going through a hard time. 


Our winter was long and hard and our days were dark and dreary. Even our summers weren’t necessarily warm and pleasant like they are today. Regardless of where you live, if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident we hope this article is of interest to you. 


After all, weed has become legal in our country almost exactly one year ago! If you can get your hands on some soon-to-be legal weed before October 17th, we promise that it will be worth it. But how? What would be the best way to purchase weed before legalization? 


How can you stay safe? What should you buy from where? Weed Delivery Services in Winnipeg Before And After Legalization – Get The Best Deals And Save On Weed


What Is Weed Delivery?


weed delivery winnipeg companies are the ones who transport weed from licensed dealers to your home or business. The delivery services range from highly regulated and monitored companies to completely unregulated and dangerous operations. The illegal and unsafe services are usually operated by underground drug dealers and criminals.


Weed Delivery companies have been around for decades and have done a good job of delivering weed during that time. While many of the companies listed below are mail-order companies, some also provide “on-site” deliveries.


Where Can I Get Weed Delivery In Winnipeg?


Weed delivery in Winnipeg can be a bit of a confusing issue. On the surface, it would seem that you have two options: door-to-door delivery services or illegal services. Although the illegal services are not always the best value, they are usually quite prompt. 


If you want peace of mind and guaranteed quality weed, you should probably go with the illegal services. You can, of course, order weed online and pick it up from a nearby dispensary, but in my opinion, that is not an option in Winnipeg.


The best bet for weed delivery in Winnipeg is probably the mail-order companies. The only problem with the mail-order companies is that they can be quite expensive. So, if you are looking for a cheap alternative, you should check out the illegal services.


When Can I Expect To Get Weed Delivery In Winnipeg?


Unfortunately, the best time to order weed online in Winnipeg is probably going to be before the law takes effect. You see, at this point, most of the suppliers will start to charge higher prices. While some of the services will still offer free or discounted samples, those will soon be few and far between.


Since most of the suppliers will charge higher prices after the law takes effect, you should probably order before the 17th if you want to get your supply before then.