Just known as the President, the Day-Date is the brand name’s signature luxury wristwatch. Introduced in 1956 and specifically made in rare-earth elements, the Rolex Day-Date is recognized as the supreme symbol of reputation and power. Aptly named the Day-Date, this Rolex version was the world’s first watch to include both a window for the day as well as a window for the day of the week drawn up completely on the dial. It is likewise worth keeping in mind that Rolex especially created the President bracelet for the Day-Date, characterized by semi-circular links in a three-link setup. The name of the armband coupled with the reality that the Day-Date came to become a must-have watch among some of the globe’s most effective individuals led the way for the watch’s well-known label, the Rolex President watch. Today, the President is offered in two sizes, four sorts of precious metals, and with or without rubies; delve into our overview to uncover some preferred Rolex Day-Date designs.

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Rolex Day-Date 36

When the Day-Date made its debut, it wore a 36mm situation, which has continued to be the primary size for the watch collection over the last six years. In 2019, Rolex released the newest iterations of the Day-Date 36, all furnished with the latest-generation Quality 3235 automated movement. Apart from the new activity, which boasts accuracy, resistance to shocks, and a boosted power reserve of 70 hours, compared to the previous 40 hours, the fresh Rolex President enjoys maintaining the Day-Date’s trademark style.

The Day-Date 36 versions are readily available in yellow gold, white gold, as well as Everose gold, Rolex’s proprietary pink gold alloy. Rolex offers a choice of a fluted bezel or a diamond-set bezel and all models are paired with the iconic President bracelet. In true Rolex fashion, the Day-Date 36 collection provides a broad array of dial styles ranging from timeless colors like champagne, as well as silver to exotic products like turquoise, and pink opal, as well as mother-of-pearl to luxurious diamond-paved surface areas with colored sapphire hour pens.