Pocket Option, founded in 2017 and owned by Gembell Limited. Pocket Option is well placed to compete with low prices in the global trading market, the platform not only offers standard brokerage offerings but adds a bit more.

General information

Pocket Option provides instant access to over 100 trading stocks that can be traded as predictive options with 90%+ returns. This broker has good responses or reviews from previous users, if you don’t believe it, please click the following link “pocket option review

It has a variety of different payment methods, for users to easily make deposits and withdrawals. It is very easy to create an account in seconds because the platform is easy to use. Trading can be started immediately after the first deposit. The minimum deposit is $50, with only $1 required to start trading. In addition, they have 0% commission on all but a few (perhaps only one) withdrawal options.

As a global platform, the Pocket Option platform has many users, the platform also covers Many Countries and will continue to grow. They registered around 80,000 traders on the platform in a 30-minute time frame. The Pocket Option platform expects more global space for expansion through IB partner initiatives, this will be an opportunity for traders to open regional offices in their countries as agents.


+ Higher payouts, i.e. 95% or more above. Traders can receive a 95% payout on investment, which means that a profitable $100 investment in trading pays $95. This is higher than the industry average which ranges from 75% to 80%.

+ 0% commission on deposits, withdrawals, and account management. Which means no commission fees for deposits. Traders do not have to pay any account management fees.

+ Multiple chart types, Different time series, analysis tools, and Free indicators. It will be useful For those who use technical analysis to make trading decisions Charting tools and packages that enable comprehensive technical analysis are also available on the trading platform at Pocket Option. This is an improvement on the previous platform from other brokers which only presented very simple charts.

+ User-friendly platform with fast trade execution. The ability to execute trades with a single click is a boon for traders, especially with digital options where one pip can make all the difference.

+ Trading tournaments, which encourage the participation of traders from all over the world to hone their skills and get the opportunity to trade capital and other prizes.

+ Social trading, which encourages traders to trade within the community, allows inexperienced traders to emulate professionals. Not only can they emulate the results of the merchants they imitate, but they can also improve their skills.

+ Reliable support system. A reliable customer support system that is always there for customers provides immeasurable benefits for everyone. PocketOption offers multilingual customer support.

+ Pocket Option accepts customers from the US and other countries around the world. Pocket Option trusts all traders in all countries, without prejudice, or discrimination from country of origin. 

+ Bonuses and partnerships. There are many ways to benefit from a solid partnership model that allows affiliates to earn from trading without trading the asset itself. It offers great potential for passive income.

Account type

PocketOption only offers demo accounts and live accounts. Trading takes place with equal rights for all customers. Account types are described below.

Demo account – Pocket Option offers a demo account for beginners to practice, learn and act virtually. You do not need to register a live account to access a demo account. The demo account does not require real money to be deposited. It is funded with $10,000 virtual cash and can be refilled if you lose money. The demo account helps traders learn how to navigate the platform, develop strategies and make trades without the risk of losing real money.

Live Account – in the Pocket Option you can open a live account for as little as $50. There are more than 100 trading instruments to choose from on a live account. Live accounts also come with training materials and fast customer support. Lastly, Pocket Options offers a 50% bonus on all deposits across the range. However, only customers with higher trading capital can redeem the bonus. To withdraw the bonus, the trader must meet the trading volume requirements set for each bonus. This is to ensure that customers not only sign up to pay the bonus but also use it to increase their trading capital.

Should trade Pocket Option?

There are several reasons to trade with Pocket Option, be it the flexibility of the trading platform, variety of trading tools and educational materials, progressive partnership opportunities for loyal customers, bonuses, and cashback – these advantages make Pocket Option a better choice for you compared to other brokers out there. there. A convenient trading interface, large payouts, an intuitive and simple design, and an easy-to-navigate website and mobile application are other attractive advantages. Put it all together and you have a broker interested in creating an enabling environment for you to trade and profit.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction can be seen from their efforts to continuously make improvements. This can be seen in their new features. Pocket Option provides instant customer support service with an embedded live chat window, so customer problems and questions will be answered in real-time. There’s nothing better than that. From their offerings, it can be said that Pocket Option is a good trading platform and is poised to exceed expectations, and most likely competitors, in the coming years.