The pod vape is the simplest vape device suitable for anyone who is thinking to switch from traditional smoking to vaping. The pod vape kit consists of the pad and the battery devices. Pod system comes in either a pre-filled e-liquid or re-fillable device that needs to be filled with the e-liquid. The e-liquid is heated and vaporized by the battered device.

Pod vape kits are made for beginners in the vaping world. It helps the individual to get a basic idea of the vape devices and how to get used to vaping. It gives the basic understanding of vaping and the regular maintenance that needs to be taken care of when switching from traditional smoking.

Pod vape kits are easy to use, with a simple design, with a simple recharging mechanism and replacement of pod. These kits require less power, yet offers large battery capacity. Hence, it can be used the entire before getting it charged. These compact sized devices are easy to carry, fits inside your pocket and will not be noticed by others when you are not interested.

Another key feature of the pod vape kit is that it is designed for mouth to lung vaping, just like the traditional cigarette. While you use the device, you need to inhale the vapour in the device into your mouth and then breathe deeply taking it into the lungs.  Now, does that not sound similar to cigarette smoking? And those who are switching from cigarette smoking to vape devices will be very familiar with this method.  Mouth to the lung is the right vape style, especially for the new vapers. Remember that based on the kits that you purchase along with the style of vaping will help you to produce the unnoticeable amount of cloud.

With the benefits of the vape pod devices comes some disadvantages that the new users should be aware of, along with how to handle the device appropriately. The pod vapes are a convenient style of vape kit. It has gained increasing popularity with its sleek styles, easy to use, manage, maintain and carry. But these devices are not for everyone, especially because of the inbuilt batteries in the vape pods and lower cloud created in the device. While there are growing numbers of specialist sub-ohm pod kits now available in the market, they still do not match the creation of clouds like the traditional cigarette. The lower wattage output from the device that uses the e-liquid result in thinner and less cloud compared to cigarette smoking. This is not what smokers are looking for.  The inbuilt batteries are marketed as convenient for the vape industry, yet some people disagree with this.  Without adequate charging available, one will not be able to use the vape pod devices. When you are on your way out, away from the house, you will not be able to charge the batteries like the other vape products. But if you find these two issues are negotiable, then a vape pod is the best-suited device for you. Now we have the flexibility to buy the vape devices at online vape shop as well, and you will get the device delivered to your door steps.