The Best Anime Of 2022 (So Far) That You Can Stream Right Now - GameSpotNo one likes to be left out when it comes to watching the newest anime. Every year, new seasons of anime are released, either as entirely new shows or as continuations of existing Anime, no matter what it is, will unquestionably turn you into a fanatic. And in this article, you’ll learn about all the top anime that have just come out or are currently showing and are so popular that you can’t help but watch them.


NO6: My dress up darling

It is an anime of the rom-com genre with a popular girl who enjoys cosplay and a male who struggles to fit in with society. Your tastes may be satisfied by the comedy and romance in this anime, which is also one of the best of 2022.


NO5: DR. Stone- Ryuusui

The third season of the Dr. Stone anime is being continued in this one. The watch anime is set in future earth where there was an event that turned everyone into stone and kept them that way for more than a thousand years. And when they open their eyes, they find themselves in a futuristic world that resembles the Stone Age. A scientific adventure animation that will make you forget about boredom.


NO4: Ranking of Kings

A cute youngster who is abandoned by his monarch father is on a quest to usurp him as king. See how he does it with the aid of his shadow pal. Regardless of your perspective, the cutest anime is the one with the sweet tale that also teaches you how to be a nice person.



After an excessively long wait, the much-anticipated new season of Bleach is now available. After gaining strength from another soul-reaper, RukiaKuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, who has inherited his parent’s destiny, is on the path to becoming the strongest soul-reaper. The title of this season is “thousand-year blood battle.” Additionally, the anime’s storyline is great. 



This is the ideal mission for you if you enjoy spying. The plot of this anime is that Loid Forget must locate a wife in order to overthrow a government figure that is utterly unfit to rule the populace. He also adopts a daughter who is too adorable for words. Loid forgets about his day spent alone and starts his new life with his temporary family in this espionage operation anime with a rom-com undertone. 


The public has shown this a lot of affection. Everything the anime has to offer, whether it’s a comedy or a romance, is unquestionably the highest caliber. And once you start watching this anime, you won’t be able to stop.


NO1: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu NO Yaiba

Everything in this anime is frightening—horror, adventure, action, and even a tiny bit of humor. The main character must fend off the demons while guarding his last remaining sister, who is on the point of turning into one herself. The acclaimed anime series demon slayer is continued in this year’s most-watched anime. You’ll love it without a doubt.