Even before the towing equipment, the tow vehicle must have the correct capacity. Contact your vehicle dealership or the vehicle supplier to establish the requirements for your vehicle. You’ll want those requirements to fulfill, or perhaps better, exceed your requirements.

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The following definitions need to help in recognizing your vehicle’s specs.

  • GCWR or Gross Mix Weight Score: The complete allowable weight of the vehicle, the trailer, the freight in each, fluids, as well as properties.
  • GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Score: The complete permitted weight for the vehicle, including liquids, passengers, options, cargo, hitch, as well as trailer drawback weight. The trailer’s GVWR, often referred to as Gross Trailer Weight Ranking, is the overall allowed weight of the trailer, occupants, choices, liquids, and cargo.
  • GAWR or Gross Axle Weight Ranking: The overall allowed weight on any kind of given specific axle. Keep in mind that this includes the weight of the tires, brakes, wheels, and axle itself.
  • Optimum Tow Rating: The producer’s weight limitation for towed loads. For standard trailers, this typically includes a hitch-weight limit also; for fifth-wheels, the pin weight is put on the vehicle’s GVWR and its rear-axle GAWR.

It’s additionally crucial to describe your vehicle’s driver hand-operated before buying a towing system. Often your owner’s manual will have crucial info regarding your vehicle’s abilities and constraints.


To choose the ideal tow system, you’ll need to understand your trailer’s specifications.

  • GTW or Gross Trailer Weight: The Gross Trailer Weight is the weight of the trailer as well as freight. This can be either calculated using the trailer producer’s weight requirements, aesthetic or “dry” weight, contributed to your freight weight, or by having the totally packed trailer considered on a vehicle range.
  • Tongue Weight: Tongue weight is the downforce that is put in on the drawback ball by the coupler. The tongue weight will depend upon where the tons are placed in relationship to the trailer’s axles.