Gear Essentials for Football | ACTIVEkids Knowing the art of passing the ball is important if you want to play well as a soccer player. Without these skills, your time on the field will be short. Walking is a simple exercise, but at the same time, it is very difficult. It’s not enough just to pass the ball to your teammate. Long, accurate and well-timed passes are the key to the outcome of games, so you have to practice thousands of hours in this most important moment in football. Player. Just play sports. Just try to pass the ball. By “easy” it means quickly spotting your free teammate and passing the ball. Team play is always better than individual action, but no matter how well you think, there comes a point where you lose the ball early and it’s bad for your team. That’s why moving from your team to free agency is a smarter decision. One can watch football on various  축구중계사이트. It couldn’t be easier. Of course, it would be nice to find a partner 50 meters away, but the probability of error is directly proportional to the distance. This means that the chance of a wrong pass to a nearby partner is very small. What do you think is better? Be in the spotlight or play for the team? If you are not sure of the answer, pay attention and stay calm. When you are under pressure from competitors, anxiety is not a good guide for quality distribution, so you should be calm and try to find the best solution for the moment. To know how to pass the ball properly, you need to be familiar with the different types and uses of the ball. Learning to do the exercises correctly is easy and only requires a few practice sessions. However, it takes years to master them. It is a tactical ball game that is used in the attacking phase of the game. When the player in possession of the ball is attacked by the opposing defenders, he passes the ball to a teammate who passes the defender and immediately recovers the ball. All this happens in seconds, and although this type of delivery is simple, no “tool” has been found yet, and this makes it extremely effective if it is done correctly and in the right condition. Transfer Pass The ball hits, “digs” under it, so it goes up into the air. This type of spread imparts reverse spin, which slows the ball down as it hits the ground and falls. The long pass is done in the same way, this time the impact crack does not go directly under the ball with the fingers, but slightly to the side and a little higher, but below the center of the ball. Pass Back This method is very effective when you get to the door, but you have no way to hit it, and at the same time you see a group of attackers who are not covered. Passing is done by kicking the heel or the ball and sliding the foot back and forth. Exit Passage (Way To The Corridor)It is often used in high-speed games. The player in possession of the ball must be able to see that his teammate is giving him an opportunity to pass between the opposition’s defensive line and succeed in passing the ball forward to his teammate. This type of pass is especially effective against linebackers. The key here is to constantly monitor the game, especially to time the other players in your team’s attack only to start the game suddenly and out of defense. If the pass is delayed, the chance of being hidden is very high, so good eyesight is needed to play on 축구중계사이트