When you have to decide between buying a gun holster, it can be a little intimidating. But, it is not as difficult as it may seem. A lot of people still carry M1911 pistols. Although it was introduced a long time ago, people still seem to like and use it. But, this raises an important question of buying 1911 holsters. Do you also want to buy one? You will find a complete guide here.

Before moving on to the factors, let us talk about the M1911 pistol. This weapon has always been used by the guards. It is small, yet effective. People like to have this small and fascinating gun. It has never been out of fashion. People always seem to get attracted by this gun.

To keep the weapon safe, it is essential to have a cover for it. It is not right to show a weapon in front of people. Hence, the demand for 1911 holsters is also consistent. If you also want to buy a 1911 holster, there are certain factors you should look for. You cannot find a holster right in front of your eyes. So, let us talk about the factors.

You Must Always Look For Safety

Guns are designed for a special purpose. But, you should not forget that it is a dangerous weapon. If you are looking for a holster, you should look for the safest one. Remember, any accident can be fatal. So, holsters must be able to avoid such incidents. Therefore, safety must be the first thing while buying a holster. Make sure that the holster you are choosing is covering the entire trigger. It is the main thing to be avoided.

You Must Go With the Convenient One

Taking care of the gun is a delicate job. Hence, it is essential to buy a holster that is easy to use. The easement in use is also affected by the type of material used in its manufacturing. Leather is one of the popular choices when it comes to the easement of using a holster. Leather has been used from the beginning as an essential ingredient for making holsters.

You Should Consider the Retention Factor

Retention is something that everyone wants to attain. If you want to have holsters, they should be able to retain the gun in them. There is no point in buying a slippery holster. Make sure that your stick to the holster. Any accident can take a life, so always consider the retention factor.

You Must Keep It Concealed

Another factor to look for is concealment. As said before, people should not show the weapon like that in open, as it is not considered professional. Similarly, you should ensure that the holster you are buying is making the gun invisible to others.


There were the factors or features that must be present in 1911 holsters. If you find a holster having these factors, you can buy it; it will be the right choice to make. We hope, you enjoyed while reading it!