Medicare supplement plan G, also called as Medigap Plan G that comes under the 10 standardized medicare supplement policies that have the motive of reducing the overall cost under the original medicare. So if we talk about the treatments and services that are included under the policies, then there are just some of the treatments only that are included under this.

In case if a person has this policy, then in that case, he can consult any doctor, hospital, or facility that accepts any kind of medicare in the US and US territories.

Things you should know

  • If we talk about Medicare Plan G, then it covers everything that has been covered in plan A and B except the deductible of Plan B.
  • In case if a person can qualify for the original Medicare; then he can just enroll for the Plan B.
  • If we talk about the premium amount, then it varies based on the region in which you are residing. Even in some of the states, the premium cost varies based on the gender of the person and whether he smokes or not.

Who can sign up for Plan G?


In case if a person can qualify for the original Medicare, then he will be able to enroll for the Plan G. The person who can qualify for medicare must be an American resident and also a legal resident who has at least the residence of five years.

In case if you have worked for z period of 10 years or more, then you are eligible to get enrolled for part A medicare even without paying the premium, and in case if you have worked for less than ten years in the US, then though you can get enrolled for the plan A but with paying the premium amount.

Another case to get registered under the planning policy is that either the person must be turned to 65 or have any kind of disability. Then, he will be able to qualify under the social security disability benefit.

How and when can a person apply for the Plan G?

Once you are clear with the fact that who can apply for the Plan g policies, no question arises as to how can a person apply for it and what time will be most appropriate for a person to apply.

  • During open enrollment

This is the best time for a person to get enrolled in the Plan g. Medigap open enrollment period of a person starts when a person starts when he turns out to be 65, and also, plan b is effective.

If you are under the age of 65, then, in that case, you will be able to apply for the medicare supplement plan based o the area in which you are living.

  • After open enrollment

If any of the reasons a person does not get enrolled during enrollment, then some of the states even give a person to get enrolled even after enrolled by just paying a higher amount of the premium. But in this case, there are chances that the person’s Medicare Plan G application might be declined.