Let there be light!

Your bedroom should be your most comfortable space in the house, according to us. This means a comfortable bed, plenty of space, and good lighting.

Let us tell you a little secret: Bedroom lighting does not have to be just natural light from the central ceiling.

You have many options to make your bedroom more comfortable and your lighting better!

Many homeowners have engaged a residential electrician to help them realize their dream bedroom.

We’ve created many clever lighting solutions over the years that you may be able to use in your home.

The top tips from professional electricians for bedroom lighting

What about remote controls?

You can order food delivered to your home without ever getting up.

Our cars can even park themselves!

We can simply speak to our TVs and phones to get them to play our favourite music or programs.

You can bring a little bit more of the high-tech future to your home.

Many Melbourne homeowners now can adjust the lighting from their beds.

Imagine a remote control that can do everything you need.

  • Turn on your lights and turn them off
  • You can dim or brighten your lights
  • You can control each bulb in your room.

This is great for when you need to finish a chapter before you go to bed but are too tired to get out of bed.

Some people even opt to forgo the remote by installing it…

Motion-activated lighting

Are you fed up with having to search for the light switch in the dark? Are you tired of accidentally stepping on corners while trying to find the light switch?

Sensor-activated lighting is a great solution!

You can make your bedroom more spacious with motion-sensitive lights.

The lights will automatically turn on when you enter the room.

We understand what you are thinking. Will it get irritating?

If you plan it well.

Install weak lights that point towards your bedroom door if you want to protect your ankles and toes from the dreaded morning awakenings. You’ll be able to see your destination without having to wake your partner or shine a bright light into their eyes.

There are many battery-powered solutions, but they can’t be placed everywhere. Only a professional installation can give your bedroom the perfect appearance.

Complete control over your lighting

Sometimes you need your bedroom fully lit. Sometimes you might want your bedroom to be fully illuminated.

Although candles can achieve the same effect, it takes a lot more work and effort. You also have to purchase all the candles and be aware of fire hazards.

Imagine if you could turn a dial to dim your lights instead of doing all this?

You can set the mood for Valentine’s Day and your anniversary by dimming your lights. This will also allow you to have more control over your bedroom lighting.

You can, for example, turn down the lights during dusk and twilight to preserve visibility but not overpower the natural light.

It can help you save energy, too.

Task and feature lighting

The bedroom can be a variety of rooms. For many, it’s more than just a place to rest.

  • Mini-home theatre
  • Place of work
  • Makeup Studio
  • Recording studio for makeshift
  • A tiny live music venue
  • Mini art gallery

It doesn’t matter what function your bedroom serves. Lighting is essential.

Each function requires a different lighting requirement. Our lighting requirements are flexible.

Are you looking for lights around your mirror or makeup cabinet? We can provide directional lighting for your mirror or makeup cabinet.

Is your bedroom double-sized as a mini? Home cinema! What are you waiting for? You can have your room lit by professional lighting electricians, which are dimmable to create a relaxing atmosphere and protect your eyes from strain.

Do you want to draw attention to the books, souvenirs, photos, and other items on your cabinet or shelf? Shelf lighting can be installed to make your features stand out.

Select lighting to enhance your aesthetic

A standard bedroom is not what you want. You want a room with a particular aesthetic or feel.

It is crucial to choose the proper lighting for your bedroom.

It’s about picking the right colours and strategically placing lights to emphasize.

What kind of things are we referring to?

  • Star Trek Bedrooms with themed themes
  • A Blade Runner-inspired Cyberpunk bedroom with neon mood lighting
  • Bedrooms with aquarium themes (With specialized lighting, of course(

These are extreme and rare cases, but they show how much you can improve your bedroom’s aesthetic with the proper lighting!