Have you recently shifted to a rented apartment? or do you purchase a new one for your family? If your answer is yes, you are then definitely searching for decorative pieces. But, placing decorative items or essential things requires one common item. This is nothing but Micronware shelves. But the great thing is, you can have so many varieties of shelves according to your needs. They’re some good-quality ones that serve different purposes. Let’s explore the two most readily used shelves at home.

Fixed bracket one

It is commonly known as suspended shelves. You can find it in any hardware shop. This comes in handy to decorate heavy pieces or any essential items. It is the oldest yet most useful one. The wooden frame or plastic frame comes with brackets. You have to fix such shelves in the wall. You can use adhesives or other fixing materials to place it strongly with the wall. You will love this piece as it is so versatile in use. You can keep it in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen. They serve fit in every area due to their own purposes. You can place decor pieces and flower pots in the living room, but in the kitchen, you can store extra utensils, mixers, and cookware very easily.

Free-standing shelves

It is another most useful option in the modern home. As the name suggests, you no longer need extra attachments to give the support. You can easily place it anywhere. The shelves are ready to use. You can even find this option with wheels. The shelves that come with wheels seem more convenient. The best thing is that brands are offering doors to keep your belonging safe. So, it is multipurpose. You can store your children’s clothes and books on closed, free-standing shelves. The open shelves are great for the kitchen. You can clean it easily to get an aesthetic vibe in your home.