In the 1830s when Charles Tanqueray first created a drink of Gin little did he realise that this will find an important place in the history of food and drinks of the world. Yes he knew he created something special because that’s what he initially set out to do – give Gin an identity of its own and make it special. But that drink is now one of a kind and used with an equally refined array of food and culinary delicacies. It makes the combination of Gin with such food a slice of heaven on a plate.

How To Enjoy A Drink Of Fine Gin

What we have today is a fine Tanqueray gin and this as is popularly described by a cross section of people as unique and delicious. There is a burst of flavour in the month as one sips it. You can enjoy it neat or pour it over a few cubes of ice. This Gin is also used in combination with various other alcoholic beverages to create an array of cocktails that are very popular. Then there are the finer details of food items serves with this Gin; several kinds of seafood delicacies, cheeses platters, Indian curries, nuts and berries are some of the favourite and popular food accompaniments with Gin.

How Is This Gin Different

The Tanqueray is a special kind of Gin that is made with use of full citrus fruit like Oranges from the Seville region. There are as many as eight types of herbs that are also used in the process of blending popular among which are coriander, juniper, liquorice and angelica root. These are popular theories only as we are never privy to the actual recipe which is obviously a secret. However, the delicious fruity flavours along with herbs is quite clear to connoisseurs who enjoy every moment of this light drink at all times.