Treat with care

Sunburn will give you mental stress when it affects the face, which is the primary portion of the body. It does not matter where the sunburn affects you, but the appearance is very disturbing. Without being paranoid, it is important to know how to treat facial sunburn(วิธี รักษา หน้า ไหม้ แดด, which is the term in Thai) with the help of approved and experienced dermatologist. When there is sunburn on the face, it is always better to act fast so that it does not harm and irritate with its itching effect and irritation. Placing a cold towel on the face in the first place is the best way to treat sunburn.

Sooth the burn

It is assumed that if sunburns appear on the face, they may have appeared in other parts of the body. It is essential to keep oneself hydrated to keep the irritation at a minimum level. Sunburn appears due to dryness of the skin, so the more we drink water, the more we can keep ourselves moist, keeping the burn in a better position and minimizing itching on the face. One must let the face be less exposed to the sun and applying aloe on the face as soon as one notices the burn on the face is immediate treatment.

Some important tips

In the scorching heat of summer, one cannot avoid going out due to work or any other important work. It is important to apply SPF every two hours to get rid of sunburns on the face. The pain of sunburn will surely be a good reminder for taking care of the face skin and skin of other parts of the body. Some dermatologists say that if the pain due to sunburn is too high, taking one Aspirin is a good suggestion to get some immediate relief. Some cold compress soaked in whole milk work well to soothe the irritation.