Singapore is famous for its excellence. It is home to countless major corporations. These corporations need premium-quality workers. That’s why the country frequently offers scholarships to foreign students. ASEAN students, in particular, have a great chance to obtain these scholarships and build strong careers for themselves in Singapore. Do you aspire to obtain a Singapore scholarship [ทุน สิงค์ โป ร์, which is the term in Thai]? There are many courses that are designed to help students obtain scholarships from the Ministry of Education in Singapore (MOE). Getting the ASEAN scholarship for Thailand can transform any student’s life. Here’s how.

Benefits of Receiving Scholarships in Singapore

Obtaining a scholarship from the Ministry of Education in Singapore (MOE) can transform a young Thai student’s life. Firstly, scholarship winners don’t have to pay anything. The scholarship covers their yearly expenses, including accommodation, travel, and other day-to-day expenses. Students also receive settling-in allowances. This allowance is only available in the student’s first year in the country. But, it’s critical for helping them settle down. When students have their airfare and school expenses covered, they get more time to focus on their studies. Students also have their medical expenses covered. They also receive accident insurance. These benefits combine to create the perfect educational atmosphere for students. In this atmosphere, students can learn freely and apply for other exams like GCE O-Level or A-Level exams more confidently.

You Get to Prepare Online

Don’t you think it’s possible for you to earn an ASEAN scholarship in Singapore? Think again! There are several online courses that prepare students for the whole scholarship process. You start off the course by understanding what documents you need to apply for the scholarship. From then on, you get to master the scholarship qualifying exam format. Learn the standards of academic performance you need to maintain during your four-year scholarship. Take a Singapore scholarship course now!