It will not be an exaggeration to claim that your Link Building success is directly proportional to the number of followers you have in your Social Media. High number of followers naturally means more readers for your posts and subsequently more shares of your posts which eventually means multiples of readers and customers for your posts and content. The better the social networking, the easier is the process of your Link Building. Marketing, they say, is a numbers game. So, the more links you have for your web properties, the more likely you get traffic from multiple sources. If you have countless links for your website properties, understandably, you will get countless number of clicks through various keywords and search and results through various click-throughs and search engine results. Getting to know more about social networking for Link Building activities will really boost your SEO and sales results. Best SEO Packages in UK here.

Better Reach Out

The advantages of social networking for Link Building are many. The main advantage is to create a greater reach out. If you have your Social Media followers in thousands and that you share any post in your Social Media pages, you will be able to to reach out to thousands of these followers. This is in itself a great achievement in terms of outreach. And, when many of these followers who read your posts share these posts in their pages, what will be the kind of reach you will be able to get. The results are humongous. The process generates more clicks and more clicks to your links, and subsequently leads for your business. Know more about Link Building Packages.

More Sharing

Talking about post sharing by fellow followers in their Social Media pages, it will be very diverse when many of your followers are from multiple backgrounds if it is a heterogenous group following your Social Media profile. The heterogeneous group of followers help your posts diverse audiences and get clicks from a wide spectrum of industries and fields which will give you multivariate types of leads. This gives numerous Link Building benefits such as post reach, web traffic and leads from multiple verticals, industries, segments and locations.

If there are homogenous followers from a specific field, industry or place, you will be able to reach a niche audience and fulfill your niche goals and objectives. 

More Link Clicks

You can increase the number of link clicks by increasing the number of followers. This way, your Link Building success grows exponentially and helps to achieve outreach for your posts.

High Visibility & Web Traffic

When you share good posts to your multitudes of followers in your Social Media, the first thing you will get will be instant visibility from the huge number of followers. Following which, tremendous traffic to your website upon their interest to know about your posts and clicking on your website URLs. For this, your focus has to be on three things. One, you will have to increase your followers count. Two, you have to keep posting good posts at regular intervals. Three, you have to focus on the quality of your posts.

Better Conversions

Using Social Media networks, you can contribute a great deal to your funnel marketing efforts by letting the huge number of followers click your posts, view them, click links, visit your web pages, act by filling forms in your website and express their interest in your product or service. Upon directing them to read your blogs, engage with your brand identities and then, leading them to e-commerce web pages, you will be able to convert more of these nurtured leads into sales.

Tremendous SEO Gains

Any website that receives enormous traffic from good websites and good platforms of high credibility achieves tremendous success because Google and other search engines identify and retrieve the website for relevant keyword searches. So, as a digital marketer, you will have to increase your Social Media followers and at the same time use appropriate keywords in all your posts with right Anchor Texts that will link back to the relevant pages and sections on your website.


Social Networking brings with it a whole bundle of advantages to Link Building. As Link Building itself is a network of links, better Social Networking will direct traffic towards your website and helps increase its Domain Authority, searchability and visibility in Google and other search engines. Having understood the importance and active role of Social Networking, you will have focus on many things which include more number of followers, niche and generic followers depending on your business and digital marketing strategies, quality content for your posts, regular and frequent posts, good social networking platforms, relevant backlink pages for your content links, etc.,

You can make good use of Marketing Automation, Content Scheduling, Social Listening and Ad Distribution tools to make the maximum reach for your posts. To increase your followers in your networks in various Social Media platforms, you can consider paid forms and increase followers in quick time. Again, you should spend a considerable amount of time in adding relevant audiences as followers to your networks.

While doing all these networking, content sharing and Link Building, you should be alert to satisfy all the rules and conditions of SEO and ensure your website is not penalized by Google for irrelevant links and content and your website does not lose its Domain Authority.

Link Building and Social Networking go hand in hand for SEO. Quality of content and links are the catalysts. So, the best way to carry out this Link Building process through Social Networking is to prepare a list of all the DO’s and DONT’s, and ensure you have all the checks and balances in place, and get off to a successful journey.