Watches are a popular accessory. Men and women alike wear the timepieces not only as a helpful tool but also as jewelry. However, some feel a fool faster than they would like because etiquette and good taste dictate how a watch should be worn.

  1. Which Watch Suits Which Occasions?

There is a clear rule for official occasions: the more formal or business-like an appointment, the more reserved the watch should be. A simple wristwatch with few recognizable functions and a subtle bracelet is appropriate. In the business sector, so-called “dressers” or “dress watches” are the right choice. The sportier the watch and the more functions it has, the more likely it is to be used in leisure time. Pilot watches and sports watches, for example, are ideal in combination with casual clothing.

  1. Do Watches Have To Be Round, Or Can They Be Square?

A clear answer: both are allowed. However, square watches sometimes look a bit atypical for men, especially if the accessory is narrow. This can lead to irritation in the other person. However, it is not a violation of “watch etiquette.”

  1. Does The Watch Belong On The Left Or Right Arm?

There is also a clear answer to which arm the watch like Rolex yacht master 2 should be worn on: on the weaker side. Usually, this is the left arm. Reason: This is less in action, and the watch is therefore not so present in the field of vision of other people. Right-handed people with a watch on their right wrist inevitably bring it under the eyes of those present more often. Left-handers should still choose the left side as most people expect this side to be the watch side.

  1. Can You Wear A Luxury Watch Openly?

A watch is an essential accessory and a valuable item. However, many people confuse wearing an expensive watch in style with showing off. Therefore, women and men of high-level practice understatement. They wear their expensive branded watch but do not show it around and adhere to the rule of the correct fit of the watch and the combination with other accessories. Don’t worry: people with style know how to recognize and appreciate an expensive watch. An explicit note is not required and appears intrusive.

  1. Can A Watch Become A Statement?

Clearly: yes! A watch is an accessory and should underline the personality of the wearer. In particular, a watch can be a means of breaking through an expected overly conservative outfit and showing a personal touch. However, there may be correspondingly derogatory reactions. The less formal the occasion, the sooner watches can break all etiquette rules. Because a watch is first and foremost an accessory and this should set accents and underline your style.